Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Fair!

Well the end of the summer isn't the end of the summer without the fair. Last night we went to our local fair. A friend was supposed to be in the motor cross race and that was the catalyst that sent us out and on our way last night. We approached the entrance and sat in traffic for a while but it was fine. We parked and set off on our adventure, camera in hand. The kids were excited. There was fair food, rides and games to experience.

We started off getting tickets. The first ride was the haunted house. I passed on it and took some photos instead.

I was lucky enough to ride the ferris wheel twice once with each child.

I also had a turn on the merry go round. So much fun! I have to say that when I was a kid I went to this same fair, but I don't remember having as much fun as I did last night with my husband and children.

Now as I write, the air feels much more like fall than summer. Sigh... Love so much about fall; the weather, the coziness, the holidays, but the return the regular school schedule...not so much!


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