Saturday, August 16, 2008


Well once we have celebrated all the August birthdays, Papa, hubby and kids(Whew!) the truth sinks in...the end of summer is upon us and it is time to get ready to go back to school! Many Moms are thrilled when time comes to send the wee ones back to school. I guess I'm a bit out of the ordinary as I enjoying having that unstructured time to be with my kids. As much as we get on each others nerves; I just love being with them. I remember being a kid and thinking the summer was just so long. Times have changed and even the children think that summer went by to fast. It is also time when I start gearing up to go back to work. It is interesting even with the experience I have I still get nervous when I have a new group of children coming into my class. When I think about it rationally I know I shouldn't be nervous: I know what I'm doing, I'm teaching preschool so the children enjoy school, parents are usually very supportive and wonderful, and I have a fabulous teaching partner and work environment. All of this being said, just typing this part of the post gives me an upset stomach! Oh well. We will all get through it and it will be fine. I picked up a cute outfit for open house with the parents so that's a help.

On another note my computers are giving me trouble. The laptop has power port issues...soon to be fixed thanks to my QVC/Dell 3 year extended warranty! And the computer that I am working on now is a dinosaur and in desperate need of updating. It is a little frustrating when I am used to my quick laptop. So it may be a few days before I can visit all my favorite blogs :(

Hope everyone is enjoying these last lazy days of summer. We are and will be slowly returning to our school year schedule over the next two weeks...earlier bedtimes and up earlier in the morning.


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Judy said...

Wow: I've missed a lot of your summer! YIKES: birthday parties, summer sun, sitemeter problems, computer woes, etc. I had a problem with blogger (lots of others seemed to have that problem as well), but my sitemeter seems to be working just fine, knock on wood. Your kids are so cute and it looks like they had some fun b'day parties. The beading bonanza is a great idea! Kids here in GA went back to school some time ago......but then we are so far behind the national average, that I suppose we ought to have year round school. We've had a coolish summer, but now that the kids are back in school, it's gotten a lot warmer: just in time for football season to begin! I was taken by the scenery at your son's b'day party: so very Massachusetts! It brought back fond memories of my summers growing up.

I'll have to check out your link to the crafty blog. Thanks.

Enjoy your last few days of summer vacation.


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