Friday, July 18, 2008

Hot! Hot! Hot!

Well as you can tell from the title of this post it is very HOT here! It is summer so the heat is understandable, but it totally drains my energy. The children and I have been enjoying the ac in my bedroom this afternoon. Soon I will have to venture downstairs to make something for supper. I'm thinking sandwiches and potato salad(homemade earlier today! yummy)

I just read an interesting post over at Mindful Life. It centers around the difficulties of blogging. She hit on some very interesting points such as the fact that blogging tends to be a one way relationship. People check in occasionally or regularly but rarely comment or become engaged with the author of the blog. I guess it begs the question: Why do we blog? Is it to share information with family and friends? Is it to journal our everyday experiences? Is it to connect with new people and develop relationships? Or is there another reason to share creativity, viewpoints, perspectives, information? When I examine my own reasons to blog I find that I fall into several categories. I would like to have more connection or feedback from my readers but should that be my focus? I'm not sure.

I think I will give these questions some more thought and return later to add to this post. N is clamoring for the computer so off I go!



J at said...

Blogging for me started as a place to write, which I always wanted to do, but couldn't find the right medium. Also, a few of my friends were doing it, and they encouraged me to start. It has become much more important though, and I think that is in large part due to the interaction, the knowledge that someone is reading what I'm writing, even if what I write is crap. I love it, and I like to say I'd do it no matter what, but I suspect, honestly, that if the comments stopped altogether, so would I.

Barbara said...

j thanks for your comment. I never thought I would want an audience, but I do, I crave the feedback. I also find that I am intrigued by folks who visit yet never comment.

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