Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Big Day

Well today is a big day for me and my son N.  He is off with his 8th grade class on a learning adventure  to our nation's capitol.  He is riding a bus from MA to DC and will have a whirlwind learning experience until Friday at 3pm when he is scheduled to board the bus for the trip home.

I drove him to school today.  He was waiting for the bus at 3:30am.  I didn't wait for the kids to board the bus.  I knew he wanted me to go along.  He is spreading his wings and flying.  I am beyond proud of him.  I will certainly be on edge until he is home again on Friday but I refuse to let that 'mother's worry' dampen my pride or excitement for his experience.  It's funny it feels very much like the first day I left him at Woodside in the arms of my dear friend M.  A parent's job is truly amazing.  We work so hard to build up our children; raising them to be competent, caring young people just to open our arms and let them go!  It is truly the most heart-wrenching and rewarding job on this earth!

I can't wait until Friday!


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