Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Transitions, an excerpt

“The sun sets and the moon sets, but they’re not gone.  Death is a coming together.”  Rumi

Death is both dramatic and subtle.  Over time, the parting of a loved one becomes less harsh as slowly and gently a continued bond is revealed.  As I open my heart to the promptings and guidance of those I love who have passed from the physical sphere, I am alert to the contact, which comes to me in many forms… as memory, as intuition and coincidence.  Rather than bitterly close my heart, I allow myself to maintain a gentle but alert attention to the touch of Spirit.  I remind myself that life begets life and that those I love live on in my loving memory of them.  I also allow for the possibility that my memory lives on in them, triggering their concerned contact in subtle forms.

Today, I deliberately practice open-mindedness.  I cultivate a willingness to experience subtle realms.

excerpt from Transitions by Julia Cameron

These words speak to me.  I have come to believe that there is a thin veil between us and those that have gone before.  If we are aware we can pick up on energy and signs that they are with us always.  


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