Monday, September 5, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 35

Outside my window...I see the movement of the leaves and hear the whistle of the breeze.  It is very relaxing.  

I am thinking...that time marches on far too quickly.  After spending last night with my best friend C and all of her family and friends at her annual cookout I am keenly aware of how time moves forward and how quickly children grow up, parents age and even though I still feel 21 I am no longer part of that age bracket.  It is shocking to think that I am middle aged!  

I am thankful for...being strong enough to push past my anxieties and hangups so that I can live life. 

From the kitchen...not much great this past week.  :(  I'll be planning next week's menu today.  I hope I can come up with some yummy different meals for the week.  While I am sad to see summer pass I am looking forward to cooking more fall/winter type food.  

I am gray Vera Wang pjs.  They are the most comfortable pj's I own!  I picked them up at the beginning of the summer for my DC trip for a song.  Love clearance. 

What I'm creating: school stuff.... name tags, labels for photos, soon I'll be working on a class book.  

I am  do a ton of laundry and ironing today and I'll be heading over to 40 M to do some cleaning and paint touch up.  

I am reading...The Hunger Games still! I'm hoping to get some reading done today.  Wouldn't that be nice?  

I am hearing...cartoons and Flicka.  

Around the house...just the regular work load.  I have a lot of picking up to do, organizing....stuff, bills, clothes.  The list goes on and on!

One of my favorite the relationships I have nurtured and enjoyed with my friends.I believe that you don't need many as long as the ones you have are true and loyal.  I am blessed!

A few plans for the rest of the week: well we are starting the week so my week will consist of school and really getting back into my work routine.  That is more than enough.  

Here are pictures I am sharing..


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Monica said...

love your pictures! so relaxing! I agree, I don't know where time has gone! I should still be 21 too~ middle age creeps up when you're not looking. I hope you find some time to read and enjoy your book!

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