Monday, May 17, 2010

Ho Hum.....

So it has been relatively quiet here.

Over the weekend I was happy to go and have my hair done. All my grays are now covered by a beautiful warm brunette color. It should last me for about 5 weeks before I start seeing roots again! I just love going and having my hair done. The salon that I go to is owned by the girl who cuts my hair. She is a doll and does a great job coloring, cutting and styling my hair. I think my favorite part is the shampoo. What a luxury to have someone massaging your scalp with luscious emollient shampoos as the light scent of citrus wafts through the air and awakens your senses. I'm relaxed just thinking and writing about the experience. Maybe that's what a massage feels like, only it's an all over body experience. I've never been for a massage simply because I'm rather ticklish and think it would be a challenge for me to manage. Perhaps I'm wrong.

So hair was not all that was in store for this weekend. Unfortunately 'N' was down for the count for the entire weekend! He had a fever, headache and an upset stomach that lasted until late in the day on Sunday. Poor kid. He stayed home today as well. He's had several bouts of illness over the last three weeks. I hope this is the end of illness in this house for a while!

Happily we had a showing at Dad's house on Saturday. 'R' showed the house to an interested individual who drove up to the house in a very expensive looking Mercedes! R took her to see the beach access and view before bringing her into the house. He explained to her that the home was in need of rehab and to everyone's surprise when she entered the house her reaction was "This isn't so bad, I can work with this" Evidently she is looking for a home for herself and her mother. My fingers are crossed that this lady is the one! We've had several emails as well and are in the process of sharing information and photos with a variety of interested individuals. I just hope it sells quickly. This process is like pealing off a band aide a little bit at a time. Excruciating!

So the rest of the weekend was quiet. 'n' and I walked the beach and have made a pact to walk to the beach everyday in the summer. It is always worth the walk. As we searched for sea glass yesterday I thought of my childhood and how much time I spent on the beach as a little girl. I am blessed to live so close to the ocean.

Well that's all for now. This has been a bit of a rambling post but it felt good to just write.


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