Friday, May 7, 2010


So this past week at school the children had their photo's taken by a local professional photographer who's children went through the school years ago. Her daughter and my son were in Kindergarten together. We got to talking about editing photos and she told me about Adobe's Lightroom program. I have downloaded the 30 day free trial and have been watching video tutorials from Adobe's web site. It looks like a great program. I especially like how it catalogs photos in a variety of ways including keywords, color and metadata specific to each photo. I think this feature could be very useful when looking through large volumes of photos. I am looking forward to experimenting with this program. I wish I had more uninterrupted time to spend working on my photos. I've noticed that in the past when I edit photos for school that they look great on my computer, but once they are printed through winkflash they don't seem to look the same. The quality of the image is less than what I remember. Wonder if that is an editing issue or a processing issue.

What programs do you enjoy using to edit your photos?


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