Tuesday, September 8, 2009


car troubles, sleep troubles, family troubles..... lots going on.... all will be well. I hope. Family troubles might linger. Seems my brother isn't speaking to me at the moment. Sigh. All having to do with the sale of Dad's house and his (my brother's) current economic predicament. Car is in the shop to be fixed which means I must hitch a ride with my friend 'S' to get to school. I hate asking for help! Sigh again. Sleep troubles are hopefully over... 'n' had bad dreams and climbed in last night at 3am. Not much sleep to be had between 3 and 5:30. Tired. Heading to bed now for much needed rest.


sorry this isn't my usual upbeat post, guess I had to vent for just a minute Thanks for listening :)


C said...

Oh, vent all you want! This is your blog and your place. Yours. Yours to write about whatever you want :)

Sorry to hear about all your recent troubles. I'm happy that you can write about things that aren't always so upbeat. Not to sound weird, but my Dad always told me that in order to appreciate the good, we must experience the bad. I know it sounds odd, but it sort of makes sense.

Good luck with the sale of your Dad's house. Sorry to hear about your brother not speaking to you. I went through my brother not speaking to me for a few months back in the Spring. Eventually, he did start talking to me again. I still don't know what he was upset about, but I guess that's family. You love them no matter what.

Barbara said...

C thank you so much for you kind comment. I agree with you Dad. My Godmother has often said that true happiness is fleeting and that we have to enjoy those moments when we experience them and that everyone has some sort of trouble going on in their lives even if they are unwilling or unable to talk about it. I know things will work out. I feel so fortunate to have a safe place to write about all the parts of my life. Thanks for reminding me that it is ok to vent! :)

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