Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Taking a Breath

So today I am taking a breath before my children finish school tomorrow. Over the past week I have had many commitments and preparations to attend to before the end of the year and before I could take this brief moment for myself.

Yesterday we delivered end of the year gifts to very special teachers. Each teacher received a hand made wax print card with a lovely note from their student. Each element of each gift was carefully thought out and planned. We decided that a Borders gift card would be something that the teachers could choose to use for themselves, their families or their classrooms. Beautiful gerbera daisy plants were purchased along with clay pots that were later painted by n and me. I also made special cards for each teacher with notes of thanks. Teachers work so hard all year to meet the needs of every child. It is important to me to take the time to acknowledge all of their efforts. One very special teacher is retiring from our school this year. She was my second grade teacher, my mentor when I first started studying education and my champion this past year when I came up against some difficult circumstances as n began first grade. I spent time this past week creating an herb garden for her, printing a special card and then drafting a heartfelt letter of memories and thanks for all she has done for the children of our community. She is such a special lady. So as you can see I haven't had a minute. On top of all this I lead the final Stand meeting last night and we devised teams to research a variety of topics for possible local action in the fall. It was a celebratory meeting of sorts as we move forward with renewed energy.

So now I will take a minute to soak in all that has happened over the past week before I look ahead to what will be a glorious two and a half months off with my children. I plan to enjoy every minute because I know this time is fleeting and I do not want to look back one day with regret. So this summer my focus will not be on how clean my house is or how tidy my gardens, it will be on enjoying the warmth of summer with my beautiful children and husband.


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Judy said...

You are a wise woman! Enjoy every minute, as those kids will be gone before you know it!!!

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