Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beach Exploration

We have had a wonderful few days since school has let out. R had Friday off so we've enjoyed several days together starting on Thursday evening! We spent a good amount of time down on our beach. We went down around 4pm as the tides were going out and spent a good amount of time searching for treasures and just enjoying the beach. N wanted to explore to the end of the beach. We did walk quite some way but not to the end of the least not Thursday. On Friday we ended up going down to the beach again around 3:45. The tide was a bit higher so it was a bit more of a challenge to get to where we wanted to go but we did it anyway. We walked further than I have ever walked on our beach before. Our beach is a bit different than other beaches around. We have both large an small rocks covering most of our association beach. So when I say that we walk the beach it is more like an Olympic climbing event! The kids love it and it totally brings me back to my childhood as I used to walk the same beach years ago. So back to our adventure. As we walked the beach we encountered no other people. It was like being lost on a deserted island. Such untouched beauty! We found lots of sea glass, including four pieces of blue sea glass(very rare) and two marbles!
We also found many moon snail shells as well as lady slipper shells and sea urchins. <
We must have walked for at least two miles. Much of the walk was over foot deep small rocks. Think walking through very thick beach sand. The ocean was to our right and to our left were very high steep cliffs. In one section of cliff their was little to no vegetation but the cliff was covered with small holes. As we watched the cliff we were fascinated to see beach turns fly in and out of the holes. Very cool! We continued our walk and came to a very old, poorly designed cement sea wall. It had been toppled over by the power of the sea. It was at this point that we found a beautiful patch of soft beach sand. We delighted in the sensation of the sand under our feet before we continued on our walk. Our goal was to get to the end of the beach! The next amazing sight we found was a beautifully designed rock sea wall. The wall had two sections. The first section levelled off to a flat level surface that could be walked on and then the final section went straight up the cliff for maybe five feet. I wonder how they got a machine onto the beach to construct such an incredible wall. As far as we walked there was no clear beach access for people much less machines. Anyway after walking the length of the final sea wall we decided to turn around as it was already 5:30 and we had a good long walk ahead of us before we would arrive at our own beach again. By the time we got home we were all exhausted. What a great adventure!


Suzann said...

Hello - thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comment. I will drop by again - I love the beach and the ocean - the pictures are great - rocks and shells and the smells of the sea.

Craig said...

Hey Barbara,

Is that the Plymouth Beach? I almost feel like I'm at Bert's looking out those big windows on the back. Sounds like you had a great time at the beach. I love the shells and the glass.


Judy said...

well, I'm reading and writing on my husband's computer tonight, so my first comment looks like he posted it...and he NEVER reads blogs. LOL


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