Monday, June 9, 2008

New Camera

Hello everyone! Sorry for such a long absence! I am so excited. I have been wanting a new Digital SLR camera for ages. I've researched and looked and coveted so many different cameras. Sunday there was a great flyer from Ritz Camera. I saw a Sony alpha DSL 200k that was being sold at a great price. Well I showed it to R and he said go get it tomorrow. So I did some research and liked what I saw. Today I spent the morning with n in her classroom helping out and enjoying the children and her teacher(whom I will miss so much next year). From noon on I spent my time in the mall, spending gift certificates and then finally going to our local Ritz store. I totally intended to purchase the Sony that I had researched but I ended up getting and Olympus evolt e510 DSLR. I am actually picking up the camera tomorrow as they didn't have it in store. It came with a gadget bag including a case, filter, extra battery and tutorial. I came home and did some research and find that the Olympus is one of the top brands of dslr cameras. At least that is how I have interpret ted the information I have found. Anyway I am so excited to start taking photo's and experimenting with my new camera. I'd love to have feedback from any of you who are avid photographers. What do you think? Did I make a good decision? I hope so... If not set me straight so I can get my money back

That's all for now.

Actually that's not all. .. I almost forgot to tell you that I found a new wine that I love. I've been wanting to discover a white wine that I could embrace for the summer. Tonight I have tried a glass of barefoot pinot grigio and I love it!!!! It is so much better than the pinot that I tried last summer. I can't remember the brand but it was so winey if you know what I mean. This barefoot pinot is fruity and light with a bit of sweetness thrown in and it is just so refreshing on a very warm evening. Anyway just thought I'd share!


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