Friday, May 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary

So tomorrow would have been my parent's 40th wedding anniversary. This fact didn't hit me until this morning when I was driving to work. I have an interesting story to tell about my morning...

Early this morning as I was getting myself and the children ready to start our day I noticed a beautiful red cardinal outside in the woods behind my house. Usually when I see the cardinals they are at the edge of my yard close to the street, so I was surprised to see this beautiful creature in my back woods. Cardinals are special to me because they were one of my Mum's favorite birds and every time I see one I feel her spirit close to me! So I acknowledged the bird said 'Hi' to Mum and went about my day still not thinking about the 'date'. After I dropped off the children I made my way to school. It is about a 25 to 30 minute ride depending on the traffic. As I drove I called Dad on my cell phone, just to check in with him and make sure he was doing what he needed to do before his CT scan today. As we were talking he asked me if I knew where there might be a wedding photo that he could put up on the wall. Mind you I still have not realized the significance of the date. I told him that I was sure that there must be a photo around and that I would help him find one to put up on the wall. As soon as I finished this statement the traffic slowed to a stop and I slowed to a stop behind the green SUV that had been in front of me for this entire time. Don't I look up at the SUV's licence plate and see the name JOANIE! I totally freaked Mum's name was Joan and many friends and family called her JOANIE. How many people in this world have that name for their plates?? And what were the chances that they would come to a stop in front of me! I told Dad and then had to get off the phone as I was about to pass several police officers directing traffic and wanted to pay attention to what I was doing. As soon as I hung up the tears came and didn't stop and then the realization hit that tomorrow would be their 40th wedding anniversary. Tears are coming now. Even after more than seven years I still miss her so much! It is comforting to believe and know in my heart that she - her spirit speaks to me.


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Judy said...

Hey You!
What a happening! What are the 'chances' of all of those things occurring? I believe strongly that there is a connection between this life and the next, and that your Mom was there with you all that morning, from the cardinal onward. And she was so pleased when you finally 'got it'!!!


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