Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Sick Days

Well the last two days have been sick days at my house :( Yesterday both children were home from school yesterday. n injured her foot on Sunday. Somehow she stubbed her baby toe so badly that at first I thought she might have broken the toe. She ended up with a very large and painful blood blister on her toe. So she rested her foot all day and luckily was able to put on shoes for school this morning. N woke up yesterday with a bad cough. It probably wasn't quite bad enough to stay home but I made the executive decision to keep him home for a day of rest. It was a good thing because he was down for the count for the day and ended up having a fever by the afternoon. So he went to bed early and I hoped that a good night's sleep would help him feel well enough to go to school today. Unfortunately this is not the case. He awoke at 1am last night and I just happened to get up at 2am to use the bathroom and found him sitting up in his bedroom looking very sad! Evidently he had been calling for me and I didn't hear him nor did his Dad. So at 2 am I settled him in on the couch downstairs with clicker in hand with the hopes that he would be able to fall back to sleep. Now we are both on the couch watching Star Wars! Fun Fun Fun. We will get through it and hopefully he will go in for the half day tomorrow so that I can go into school. I really can't stand calling in sick because I know how much of a burden it puts on the rest of the teachers.

On another note a dear friend of mine lost her mother this past Friday. The services will be tomorrow during the day. The wake and funeral will both be held tomorrow. I wish I could be there but if I am able to work it will enable the directors of my school to attend the services. I will be there in spirit and lend support to my friend when she returns to school. I know how difficult it is to loose one's mother no matter what the process and how prepared you may think you are there is never sufficient preparation when dealing with the loss of your mother.


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