Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sister Fun!

This weekend was amazing!  I drove north of Boston on Saturday to spend the day and evening with my sisters C and D.  D has been up from Alabama for a week visiting.  It was a long tedious ride through the rain but it was so worth it.  We spent the afternoon putting together appetizers for my niece's 30th surprise birthday party.  We laughed, we talked, we painted!

Our pumpkin paintings were completed in record time.  It was interesting how the eldest sister chose to paint 1 pumpkin, the middle sister chose to paint two pumpkins and then the youngest painted three.  I love how they look together. 

S's surprise party was at her future sister in law's home.  What an amazingly welcoming family she is joining.  They truly made everyone feel right at home.  The birthday girl was surprised.  I was thrilled to finally meet little baby L in person.  She is the most precious baby. 

Here I am with the birthday girl and her grandmother.  

Here are all the girls.  How can you not love this picture.  We were enjoying each other's company and celebrating S.  

Here is baby L!  Is she not the cutest little dumpling you have ever seen?  I had forgotten the joy of holding a tiny baby.  The fingers, the toes, the facial expressions.... I could just melt.  


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Liz Thomas said...

Looks like a wonderful time. I can see talent runs in your family!

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