Sunday, May 11, 2014

Our Word View - Thrive

What is Our Word View?  A collaboration between two friends who lost touch over the years but have reconnected online.  We share a love of the ocean, photography, quotes, animals and family.  Often times our photographic interpretations for the word of the week are very similar.

This week the word thrive was chosen for our photographic interpretation.  I hope you will go over to Our Word View and see what Liz shares this week.

These pictures show the beauty that I enjoy on the side of my yard each year.  Twenty years ago my husband's grandmother came to the house with several scrawny plants that she claimed would grow large and beautiful.  She directed us as to where we should plant them and put R to work digging holes, adding fertilizer and finally placing the plants.  I remember on of the bushes began humbly as a stick!  Now the three bushes grace the east side of the yard with gorgeous foliage and flowers each year.  No matter how or when we trim they remain strong and robust.  


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