Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today was filled with adventure. We started out by watching the History Channel adventure Expedition Africa . It chronicles the experiences of four 21st century explorers as they try to recreate the experiences had by H.M. Stanley in the 1870's as he desperately tried to find a missing David Livingstone in the African jungle. The children were very interested in this program, especially 'N'. The show highlighted the beauty of Africa as well as the dangers. I was completely captivated by the story. So much so that I am in the process of doing research on both Livingstone and H.M. Stanley. I'm looking forward to learning more.

On to our own adventures. After lunch we decided to head down to the beach for the afternoon. We packed up drinks and a few snacks, towels, bags to hold our treasures and books and other various items that would keep everyone entertained. It was the type of day that most folks wouldn't typically see as a beach day. These are the day I enjoy most on the beach. We had the entire stretch of beach to ourselves. We walked to our favorite rock and then set up camp.

'N' quickly climbed to the top of his rock as 'n' and I searched for treasures. We found many shells as well as beautiful bits of sea glass. The wind picked up and the sun went behind the clouds but we continued to enjoy our time on the beach.

Both of the kids went into the water and spent a good amount of time wading. As they enjoyed the water I sat and soaked in the peaceful atmosphere. Clouds passed us by and sprinkled us with tiny drops of rain.

Finally we gathered our supplies and returned home.

It was a wonderful day. We are hoping to continue with our adventures tomorrow.


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