Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vacation! Yipee!!

Hello everyone! We are on vacation. I seemed like the time between February vacation and April vacation elapsed in slow motion! Suffice it to say we are all very happy to have a week with no set schedule. If I could only wake up at 8 am everyday I would be a happy person. School has a new website that I wanted to add a link for in hopes that it would come up on google http://www.woodsidescrc.org/

We spent this past weekend in Bath, ME with family. R's aunt had purchased a home up there about a year ago and this was the first chance we had to make the trip up to check out her new place. R's brother also lives in Bath in the historic district. It is like a different world in Bath. The town has a total of 9,000 residents. In our town there are just under 9,000 kids enrolled in our school system. There is a hometown feel that is certainly different from anything I have experienced. Anyway Aunt J's house is beautiful. She has worked with a decorator and completed her family room, dining room, hall and vestibule. The colors are so relaxing, all beautiful shades of green, cranberry and buttery yellow. She has offset the colors with lovely shades of white. Even though her house is professionally decorated it feels like home. She is very generous and has offered the use of her house whenever we would like. We are hoping to go up again during R's vacation in August. I wouldn't mind going up with the kids before then just the three of us but we'll have to wait and see.

So I have a bit of a mystery that I am hoping someone reading can help solve. Today n discovered an interesting piece on the beach down the street from our home. It is a piece of pottery. I'll do my best to describe this find and I will post pictures as well. So here goes: The outside is glazed in a dark brown. Where the ocean has worn away the finish the pottery is a creamy white. The piece is rather heavy and quite unusual. It is almost completely in tact. It is rather heavy and oddly shaped. It measures 4" tall with a circumference of about 8". On one end of the piece there is what looks like a base where you might set it down on the table. This ring is reminiscent of the bottom of a tea cup. The other end of the piece is rounded. Along the sides there are four channels that are about 1" wide, 1/4" deep and run the length of the piece. At one end of each opposing channel there is a round hole that runs through the piece. The hole is about 3/4" wide and the pottery inside is finished with the brown glaze. So I think that is a complete description. In looking at the piece I first thought that maybe it was some type of fishing weight, but then I thought better of that as pottery certainly wouldn't withstand the abuse it would receive. In finding the finished looking bottom I am thinking that this should be something that might have been used in a home. I hope someone will know exactly what this little gem is because the curiosity is driving me crazy. So if you have an idea or any great links to east coast potter research sites please leave me a comment.


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