Thursday, July 19, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Things are busy as usual as these wonderful days of summer pass by. I have been spending most of my time with N and n. We've been spending time playing outside and visiting with friends that we loose touch with over the school year. It has been nice to reconnect with old friends. This has been the summer of 'play dates'. I think at least once a day one of the children have asked to have a friend over. Sometimes I can say yes, but not every day. We've enjoyed spending time on the beach down the street. It is a fantastic kids beach. Lots of rocks to climb and tidal pools to explore. It really is one of my most favorite places to spend time. I am very blessed to be within walking distance to the ocean. Things haven't been all fun in the sun however. Grammy and J have settled in to their new living arrangements in N.H at their assisted living apartment. I have had to spend time in Chatham cleaning and organizing. It is a very challenging job as they had lived in that home for 26 years and only took to NH a fraction of their homes content with them. I am now vowing to sort and eliminate items from my home. We'll see how successful I am with this endeavor. On another note tomorrow I will be bringing Dad to the hospital for surgery. It is day surgery and he should recover and be better for it, but the entire ordeal is stressful. I'll be happy when he is back home resting comfortably. So this is my update. Hopefully I'll get to the beach this weekend and take some pictures for everyone.


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