Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our Word View - AWE

What is Our Word View?  A collaboration between two friends who lost touch over the years but have reconnected online.  We share a love of the ocean, photography, quotes, animals and family.  Often times our photographic interpretations for the word of the week are very similar.

This week the word awe was chosen for our photographic interpretation.  I hope you will go over to Our Word View and see what Liz shares this week.

Over the past week I have been enjoying the most awesome little birds visit my yard.  I have always hoped to have hummingbirds enjoy my garden.  In years past I have enjoyed a rare visit by one or two of these amazing creatures.  Well this year I decided I would increase my odds by hanging a feeder.  Almost immediately three lovely hummingbirds have repeatedly visited my bird feeder.  I am totally in awe of these creatures.  I have spent a lot of time on the deck observing them and really getting them used to my presence in order to capture them with my camera.  They do not like the noise my camera makes and they are very fast!  I have only captured a few images.


1 comment:

Liz Thomas said...

I have them too but have never been lucky enough to catch them on camera! I love them!

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