Sunday, August 4, 2013

Our Word View - Excitement

What is Our Word View?  A collaboration between two friends who lost touch over the years but have reconnected online.  We share a love of the ocean, photography, quotes, animals and family.  Often times our photographic interpretations for the word of the week are very similar.

This week  the word excitement was chosen for our photographic interpretation.  I hope you will go over to Our Word View and see what Liz shares this week. 

There is something unmatched by the excitement a photographer feels after spending time photographing a subject...any subject and then reviewing those shots.  I am one who takes numerous shots and only looks at those shots once they are downloaded onto my Aperture program. It is in this program that I weed out the good from the bad.  The excitement begins when you see you have captured something special.  Something you didn't even realize was evident in the moment you took the shot.  Here are a few shots that I found after a session outside.


1 comment:

Liz Thomas said...

I totally understand how you feel! I especially love the bottom one. So soft with lot's of empty space!

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