Friday, October 9, 2009

The First of the Results

So today was a mixed up day to say the least. After getting the children off to school the plan was to go to Dad's and get him ready for his 10:20 doctors appointment to hear the results of his biopsy.

When I arrived at Dad's house he was still lying in bed and after he got up and went in to take a shower he decided he didn't feel well and couldn't do the appointment. I think the problem came from several sources. Not enough to eat, getting up and going to quickly and perhaps some agitation due to my insistence that he be showered before going to the doctors. (something he actually didn't do to my chagrin)

Turned out that I was able to reschedule the appointment for the afternoon. We went in and the Doctor examined Dad and gave us the news. He has squamous cell cancer of the larynx. He will need to go for a couple more scans before we know the stage of the cancer. These scans will be scheduled for next week. We have an appointment with a surgeon at Tufts Medical Center in Boston and will also meet with an oncology team at our local surgery in case we have to go that route. I'm worried. I don't know how much Dad wants to fight this thing and how much his body and psyche can take. It is a huge worry and while Dad will be managing the physical aftermath I'll be managing everything else....logistics, schedules, transportation etc. Watching your parent age is so difficult. In my minds eye I still see the strapping man that I remember from my childhood. In reality he is just a shell of that man.

That is not all that is on my plate. On Monday I will go for an ultrasound on my right breast to determine if I have a mass or a cyst. Please send all of your positive energy and prayer this way as I can't imagine helping my Dad through his cancer and fighting my own battle as well.


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