Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time Goes By

Wow I can't believe that it is already March 19th. This month has been very busy and I have not posted as much as I like. The time just goes so quickly. I also have to admit that I now have a facebook page that has been a huge distraction. It is the 'fast food' of the blog world, at least that is how I look at facebook. I am going to try to be better about finding a balance between both. We'll see how that goes.

So let's catch up. ..

On March 5 I had a big birthday. I turned 40. It's odd to think of myself as a forty year old when I still feel like a twenty something inside. I guess in all honesty I don't think of age so much. It is just a number. I do become reflective around my birthday. I wish that all those years when my mother told me my birth story that I had had the presence of mind to write down all the details. I remember some of the story but not all of it and unfortunately I don't have anyone else who can fill in the gaps. Let this be a lesson to all the moms out there, young and old that you should record your child's birth story in writing because some day they will want to have a written record of that piece of oral history.

My work with Stand has been very busy. We are in the midst of a postcard campaign that will deposit about 10,000 card stock postcards to our local legislators at the statehouse. We are advocating for
No more lost ground, Efficiencies and cost savings, Long term funding,
and Innovations and investment to help all children succeed.

Check out this link if you live in MA and are interested in helping us reach our 10,000 card goal.

We hosted an Information Meeting at my school this past week and were happy to add two new members to our ranks. Very exciting to have new blood in our organization.

School has been busy on all fronts as well. My children are constantly working on one project or another. N is also in prep mode for MCAS . He will have to do the test booklet as well as the long composition this year. The entire process has him stressed. All 4th graders are expected to write for 6 hours on long comp day. How developmentally inappropriate! I would like to meet the adult who would sit and work on the same project at work for six hours straight without the added support of coworkers, computers or conference calls. I just don't understand why more parents don't find this requirement unreasonable. Why don't people stand up for their children?

Work is also busy. The children are beginning to anticipate the end of the year. Most of the children have been to Kindergarten registration and know that they will be at a new school next year. It is a very unsettled time.

That is all for now.


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